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Passion drives us to have an impact. Association and teamwork assures us that what we do is the right way, and professionalism pushes us to be the best we can be. We are happy, with great passion for our daily work, thinking every minute in green to accompany the best environmental life.


We are present in the 23 provinces of Argentina that has an extension of 2, 780,400 km². Our product line is available in all of them, under a business culture based on Reliability, Safety and Quality. Where you see our brand Import Vélez and Grupo San Roque, you will have the collaboration of our professional executives with the experience and passion for constant improvement to serve you.


Let us thank our collaborators, the recognition for allowing us to work with you, business partners worldwide, we value their constant research, they are the pillar of our continuous launching of differential products, an indispensable sustainable alliance that today carries 46 years.

Import Velez® is dedicated to the importation of disposable and diagnostic medical products.


Our large stock is made up of products of international origin made with cutting-edge technology that make them first class items, unique in Argentina in working with disposable needles brand Velez origin Japan haute couture for the field of aesthetics.


This allows us to stand out as a company committed to science and technology at the service of health and the art of healing. Our business vision is based on a solid set of values, rethinking and constantly looking for the improvement of our products. This assures us of continuing to become a leading company in order to continue advancing constantly in the service to you. We were born to serve

We help with:



  • Asociación en Defensa del Infante Neurológico - AEDIN
  • Hospital Universitario Austral
  • Círculo Odontológico Santafesino
  • Comisión Arquidiocesana de Piedad Popular - Arzobispado de Buenos Aires
  • Juegos MACABEOS - Israel 2009 - Delegación Argentina
  • Ayuda Humanitaria para la República de Haití
  • Esc. Normal Superior N° 6 Vicente López y Planes - C.A.B.A.