Marca: Velez - Tecnología Japonesa - Origen: Indonesia
Modelo Carlos Facundo.
Pera y tubos libres de látex.
Ideal para el uso tanto en el consultorio como en el hogar.


Brand: Velez - Origin: Germany
World famous hand Model, with artificial leather case, elegant and precise.
Chrome Gauge, stainless steel handle, luer lock connection.
Copper-beryllium membrane, without being subject to zero.
With two tubes exit and Velcro cuff.


Brand: Velez - Origin: Germany
Attractive design, conceived as the most ergonometric modern concepts with high precision. The air outlet valve is regulated by the drive allowing a constant rate of 2-3 mmHg per second. Calibrated Cuff. Gauge´s tags for personal identification. Easy to read display. Practical and functional, their use is essential for measuring blood pressure both in the office and at home.


Brand: Velez - Origin: Germany
Model with oscillometric measurement method: without stethoscope. Large digital display format (60 x 53 mm.) with excellent values exposition for comfortable reading of systolic, diastolic and pulse. Memory for the last 8 measurements and indication of average value. Automatic regulation of the pressure selection. Suitable for children,adults and obese cuffs . Automatic inflation cuff by electric pump built. Quickly and automatically Air discharge.


Brand: Velez - Origin: Germany
Model of rigid plastic round case. Copper-beryllium membrane, without being subject to zero. Black aluminum Scale 147,2 mm ø with white graduation & needle up to 300 mmHg. Excellent Reading. Wide Cuff bag for accessories´s optimal conservation. Spiral tube extends to 4 meters. Latex Pear & chrome exhaust valve. Maximum tolerance error: + / - 3 mmHg.